This dictionary contains words in the order of their first appearance as one proceeds reading the Quran from the start to the end. The set of root alphabets of a word encountered for the first time while reading the Quran has been picked up to assign appropriate meaning to it. To cite an example, the word   appears for the first time in chapter No.1. Verse No. (1:2). It is repeated 95 times in the whole Quran and all other derivatives of its root alphabets appear many more times, but this set of root alphabets is not dealt with again. There are of course some exceptions, when the same set of root alphabets is used to convey different meanings. This is  how the total number of words in this dictionary has been drastically reduced to less than 1800. Some words were missed by oversight, they have neverthless been dealt with later, some other important words like 'Sadaqaat'. Muhammed (PBH) etc were deliberately dealth with later at places where they are permanently mentioned like ch 47. entitled "Muhammed (PBH )Under each set of alphabets, chapter nos. and verse nos. of other important derivatives, words associated with them and their opposite words have been given wherever possible, so as to help the reader in thoroughly understanding the general meaning conveyed through all the derivatives of many of the sets of root alphabets. Words of the Holy Quran have mostly been explained through verses of the Quran, with some exceptions, specially when the words appear only once or few times. If the meaning of the derivative of any particular set of root alphabets is to be found out, one can refer to the alphabetical index, where in all sets of root alphabets encountered for the first time in the Holy Quran are given in alphabetical order.

The dictionary  starts with the word Allah. To get the next word Ar-Rahman, click on to menu on the top page which displays Chapter and word number scroll down and click 2. To get the subsequent words proceed in the same manner. To get the desire number click beside (In Serial Oder ) u will find a list of word number displayed. It also gives the Root Alphabet in Arabic to view the arabic Root Alphabets click to Arabic Alphabetic Index To the Dictionary of The Holy Quran.

Try to understand and memorize the meanings of the words given under chapter No.1. Read this chapter from the Holy Quran and check, whether or not, you are able to understand the Arabic text without referring to any translation. Proceed this way verse after verse and chapter after chapter. Insha Allah in due course you will be able to understand the Arabic text of the whole Quran.

Nothing is achieved without effort, so pray to Allah (SWT) for His help and proceed to understand His message with the aim of implementing it. May Allah help us in our effort. Ameen.